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Charity Football for Life

Breaking down barriers and providing opportunities through sport

Who are we?

  • Football for Life (FFL), based in Hong Kong, is dedicated to bettering the lives of underprivileged through the sport of football. Our mission is to provide these children opportunities to take part in activities that they would not have access to, and to afford them the chance to integrate and interact in new surroundings.

The participants

  • All of our children come from Hong Kong organisations dedicated to working with those from a range of underprivileged situations. We have been working with over 10 organizations including Hong Kong Children & Youth Services, Hong Kong Federation for Youth Group, Christian Action, the Boys and Girls Clubs Association, HK Society for Protection of Children, Social Welfare Dpt, ISS, Evangel Children & the Neighbourhood Advice Action Council.

A structured program

  • FFL has been running for 10 years and is expanding due to its great success. Children between the ages of 2 and 17 will take part in the Football for Life sessions. Experienced football coaches run weekly sessions based around fitness, training and games.

Providing Opportunities

  • Striving to make all our programs enjoyable for the children is our number one priority. We achieve this through co-operation and sharing experiences.

  • Beyond the pitch, trips to professional football matches, theme parks and restaurants helps develop a greater sense of belonging and provide more extraordinary experiences for our children.

Benefits for Participants

  • FFL is a Charity organisation established and run by volunteers, and every dollar donated goes directly into the programs for the benefit of all of the 100 participants.

  • The money goes to providing all of the clothing and equipment, transport,  the facility cost and the extra-curricular social activities.


  • Sponsorship & donations will provide escalating exposure as the brand recognition of FFL increases its momentum both in Hong Kong and abroad through television and print media.

  • There will also be the chance for exposure at events and tournaments held throughout the year including the Celebrating Youth Tournament, which are anticipated to grow substantially as there is more and awareness and association with our program.

  • Sponsors names can then also be carried on shirts/shorts as well as logo on the website and relevant materials

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